Specifically designed to immerse you in the things that you enjoy the most, our themed travel experiences focus on your hobbies and interests.  Experience your passion in a new setting while you see the wonders of this enchanting place.  Let us know what you want to see and do and we’ll take care of the rest.


Cuba is a place where art, music, and architecture are like no other.  Talk with some local influential artists in their homes, see their personal galleries and discuss their works.  We will meet and listen to curators and art institution professors and learn about the many different types of Cuban art while we visit the many museums in town and explore the best of the arts that Cuba has to offer. Havana has a thriving performing art scene pulsing with life, color and energy.  Take a salsa dance lesson from a renowned dance company then relax with a mojito and a show at a local club or spend the evening dancing away to the music of the internationally acclaimed Buena Vista Club.  We will explore Fusterlandia, a mosaic filled neighborhood created by the accomplished artist José Rodríguez Fuster, known in the art world as the “Picasso of the Caribbean”, and enjoy a luncheon hosted by the artist himself.  Come see why Ernest Hemingway was so in love with this beautiful island while we visit his residence and spend some time at his favorite hangouts on this incredibly inspiring and colorful tour.

jewish history and culture

You will learn about the rich history of Jews in Cuba dating back to Christopher Columbus. We will visit the three local synagogues and hear from some members and their leaders about the Jewish community from the revolution to present day.  Dinner at a couple of the synagogues provides a unique opportunity to see and interact with the people and find out what it means to be a Jew in modern Cuba.  The Holocaust Museum, funded by Stephen Spielberg, and housed in the Sephardic synagogue is a touching and inspiring tribute to those who perished.  A visit to the Ashkenazi and Sephardi cemeteries in the town of Guanabacoa will teach of the founding by Americans in 1906 and will certainly be an experience you won’t soon forget.  The rolling green countryside of Matanzas and the crystal clear blue waters of the beaches at Varadero offer breathtaking sights.  Here you can mix and mingle with the locals while you explore this beautiful island.  Join us for a trip to a land rich in Jewish history and the hope for the future of the Cuban Jewish people.

Unique to P2PLLC, our Jewish tours offer authentic, delicious Cuban Kosher compliant meals.   That’s right – kosher!   Meals provided are dairy style produced in our own kitchens that are compliant with kosher dietary laws.



Cuba’s diverse architecture ranges from from Baroque to Art Deco to Modern.   Experience a walk back in time as you walk through the cobblestone streets, and learn about these beautiful, crumbling facades from local architects, urban planners, landscape architects and architecture professors.   On this trip we will visit Cuba’s Architectural Historical Preservation, Colón Cemetery, Plaza de la Revolución, and much, much more.  Don’t miss a photo-op at the famous John Lennon Park as you interact with the locals while enjoying the sights and sounds of the city.  

culinary and dining

Experiencing the flavors of local cuisine can be the highlight of any vacation. We provide an unrivaled culinary journey through Cuba at some of our favorite local restaurants.  We will visit organic farms and local markets (Cuatro Caminos), meet award winning chefs, and learn from mixologists on how to make the perfect cuba libremojito or daquiri.  Take a personal tour of the kitchen at Artechef, Havana’s culinary school and join us at the chef’s table to experience an authentic Cuban meal.  We encourage you to interact with friendly locals, who can show you many outlets for authentic street food in Old Havana.   Buen provecho!

rum, cigars and classic cars

Rum, cigars and classic cars are icons of Cuba known throughout the world and a passion for many.  Come with us on a journey to discover more than two centuries of craftsmanship.

Spend time with the men and women who craft the Habano and learn about the planting, harvesting and creating of the world famous Cuban cigar. Visit a production cooperative and see the longest hand rolled cigar, and, of course, sample and purchase authentic Habanos.

Rum has been produced in Cuba for over four centuries, and some of the finest rums in the world are made here. Discover the fascinating story of rum production from its beginning of life as raw sugarcane through the aging process and on to bottling.   At the end, you can take a taste of the fiery, clear spirit that is the true soul of Cuba.

Take a step back in time and cruise around the island in legendary classic.  From Oldsmobile to Chevrolet, Buick to Ford, old-school American brands can be seen throughout the city, with a few Soviet era Volgas and Ladas thrown in the mix.  These vehicles are the envy of any American car enthusiast, but to Cubans, they are an everyday mode of daily transportation.  You will tour the points of interest in the old towns of Havana and Vedado, the posh neighborhoods of Miramar, and even the spectacular beaches of Varadero, all in the comfort and luxury of a vintage American classic.


Everywhere you turn is a magical photo-op. We take you on a unique photographic journey uncovering the real Cuba. From an insider’s look, a professional Cuban photographer will walk you through the cobblestone streets of Old Havana with its tragically beautiful buildings. Come with us and spend some time learning from photography professors and visit the galleries and  home studios of respected local photographers. All this and so much more as you capture the truly spectacular, quickly changing images of Cuba in this once in a lifetime experience.