P2P offers the most flexible travel experience to Havana.

We provide a fully customized, boutique experience in one the most luxurious, comfortable and well-located Casa Particulares (private house) in Havana, completely free of the restrictions of a cruise ship or the hassles of hotel guest processing, regimented itineraries, and cafeteria-style meals.

You are not restricted to the typical tourist hotel resort, with its mass produced food and amenities.  With P2P, you get to:

  • Pick your dates
  • Personalize your itinerary with our experienced agents
  • Define your own group size (minimum of 6 guests, maximum of 24)
  • Select your Paladares (Cuba’s famous fine dining Private Restaurants)
  • Establish your dietary preferences
  • Choose your own activities and destinations, including up to three (3) major cities in Cuba

For further details and to price your Cuba experience, call 919-618-5094.